Calling All Agents of Grace.

Here is the first paragraph in Chapter 9 describing my explanation of an agent of Grace. “As an individual agent of grace, I am evolving and coming to know my authenticity. By authenticity, I mean coming to know I am a radiant and an infinite being not bound by culture, dogma, and worldly rules that […]

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Regenerating at a Sacred Space

Each of us can identify that space or place that refills our energy reserves. Placing oneself physically or through imaging will fill our spirit, our mind and our physical body with renewed energy and that sense of well-being. One of my scared spots is Roughlock Falls in Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills of South Dakota.  I […]

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The Beauty That Binds

Our backyard was bound on three sides by stucco walls, grape stake slates and woven bamboo.  Besides providing privacy, this boundary kept out wandering animals such as javelina that make a quick meal out of gardens and some shrubs. Our neighbors graciously offered to remove the rotting bamboo and replace it with grape stake fencing. […]

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Abundance Abounds

Clients gifted me a gift card for Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona. I parlayed that into one nights stay in an upgraded room. Ken and I enjoyed the award-winning spa, watched the sunset reflecting off the canyon walls, and shared an early morning hike out the back gate with friends into this most sacred canyon […]

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The Floodgates of Grace Opened

My Ken and dad, grandpa and great grandpa has turned eighty. Twenty-five of us gathered for four days in Flagstaff, AZ to celebrate. Would you believe there was a home for rent that could accommodate all of us? The Choose Grace book had arrived and each family now has a book as evidenced in the […]

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